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AIM Industrial "Sparkies" Shine With Their Electrical Trade Work

For most types of companies, the most coveted trade expertise is that of the Electrician. No one wants the lights to go off, or the heat or air conditioning to stop, and heaven help if there's no power for the computer systems. In Manufacturing, down time with the machinery is hugely expensive.

That's where the AIM Industrial Electrician comes in. Are motors getting hot and vibrating? Are the bearings hot and making a high-pitched whine? We can do Preventative Thermal Imaging to detect potential heat problems. Do you want to expand a process and include a new substation and automation? Are you looking at using Solar Power? Do you need help trouble-shooting when drawings are non-existent? Highly trained in safety with Lock-Outs and Arc-Flash, our Tradespeople have a wealth of knowledge and talent to help keep your business safely running.

Some of what we do:

  • Electrical Installations: Services, Machinery, Solar, Automation, MRO

  • Motors, Generators, Substations, Maintenance Support and Coverage

  • 24hr service and break downs, Preventative Maintenance, Thermal Imaging, PSHSR’s,

  • High Voltage, Medium and Low Voltage Systems, Power Distribution

  • Instrumentation, Wiring and Controls, Safety Upgrades

  • Building Services, Design Build, Fire Alarm, Emergency Services

  • Interior and Exterior Lighting, Solar Photo Voltaic Systems

  • Data Communication, Data Logging power quality

  • Industries include: Food/Beverage/Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Health

  • Industries include: Automotive, Feeder-Plants, Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...

  • Industries include: Cement, Aggregate, Consumer Products, Plastics, Packaging

  • Industries include: Schools, Cities, Municipalities, Renewable Energy, OEMs

AIM Industrial is: Millwrighting, Rigging, Electrical, Piping/Mechanical, HVAC, Fabrication & Machine Shop

Testing with Arc-Flash safety gear.

Electrical for Modular Cooling Station inside Pipe Skid.

Thermal Imaging to detect heat build-up as a preventative maintenance measure.

Solar Inverter for Manufacturing Expansion.

Solar Power system for Toronto automotive roof-top.

Power system for Aluminum manufacturing company.

Food plant turnkey installation.

Ready to work at heights and deal with the elements.

Food/Agriculture turnkey installation.

AIM Industrial Service Vans equipped Electrically for 24/7 service calls.

AIM Industrial Shop design & fabrication of Light Tunnel.

5 out of last 8 years Toyota rated AIM Industrial, including Electrical, #1 Contractor.

Design/Fabrication of Toyota Weld-Water Cooling System Pipe Skid for Alabama, including Electrical.

Turnkey installation of AIM Industrial Over-head Cranes including all Electrical work

VFD for Pumps inside AIM Industrial Toyota Pipe Skid.


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