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Burlington Canal Lift Bridge: Supply and Installation of Complete Roadway Structure Replacement

AIM Industrial was awarded, through competitive bidding, this extremely high-profile structural steel supply and install project shown in this video. Further text below.

Beside the Burlington, Ontario Skyway Bridge, there is the historic Burlington Canal Lift Bridge controlling waterway access in and out of Hamilton Harbor to Lake Ontario.

The AIM Industrial Team’s Scope of Work entails: Supply/Fabrication of all Structural Steel for the replacement of the complete 116 meter (381ft) - long x 4-lane wide roadway + pedestrian walkway, with over 380ton worth of heavy-duty structural steel: beams, diaphragms, braces, connection plates, stringers, flat bars, angles, plate steel and more, all designed to be stronger than the existing in order to withstand the constant punishment of approximately 25,000 vehicles crossing it daily.

The awarded AIM Scope also includes the around-the-clock removal of all existing structural steel and decking, and complete installation of AIM supplied structural steel along with new decking - two lanes at a time.

The bridge itself remains fully operational and in-use during most of this project. On a yearly basis, approximately 6,500 seafaring vessels pass through the canal and under the bridge. The bridge is a major bypass route around the overhead Skyway Bridge and is a major route for pedestrians and cyclists year round. In conjunction with the excellent General Contractors, the Government of Canada, and Harbor Authority to name a few, the project process has been carried out with minimal impact on both business and the public.

As of March 2024 the project is winding down to a finish - on time and on budget, and everyone went home safe and sound!


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