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Busiest Year Yet for the AIM Industrial Fabrication Shop!

2023 and into 2024 has by far been a busy year for our Manufacturing / Fabrication Shop at 29 Cherry Blossom Road, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada! Coming to a close in March of 2024 is the structural rebuilding/replacing of the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge controlling access between Lake Ontario and Hamilton Harbour.

The AIM Fab Shop won, through competitive bidding, the supply and fabrication of all steel required to replace (also to be done by AIM Industrial) the complete 116 meter (381ft) - long x 4-lane wide roadway + pedestrian walkway.

With over 380ton worth of heavy-duty structural steel: beams, diaphragms, connection plates, stringers, flat bars, angles, plate steel and more, all designed to be stronger than the existing to withstand the punishment of approximately 25,000 vehicles crossing daily, the AIM Industrial Fabrication shop processed it all on time and on budget.


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