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Design-build Life-giving Water System for Crickets

In 2022, a new Food Group company opened their first in Canada, and the world’s largest cricket production facility, in London, Ontario. AIM Industrial was an integral part of their new state-of-the-art process systems. Designed to process 9000 metric tons of crickets annually for human and pet consumption, not only did our customer become a leader in crop science – it was also named top AI solution and recognized by UNESCO for addressing world hunger.

Along with freezer and automation systems, AIM was also awarded to design-build the system that is used to feed the crickets a concentrated water-solution via an automated and precise measuring system. With critically tight pH tolerances for the right mixture, otherwise the crickets die prematurely, AIM took our customers' concept and turned it into a turnkey installation and top-notch drinking process. With the procurement and installation of over 300ft of piping, multiple storage tanks, dosing/metering and electrical systems, AIM Industrial is a proud contributor to these unique food-processing requirements. The following photos show just some of the work AIM helped design and install:


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