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Peoples' Prep work is Paramount for Picking up Precious Loads with a Powerful Performing Crane

The lift itself takes a few minutes but like painting, there is so much prep work that goes into ensuring those few minutes are done efficiently, and most of all safely. A designed lift plan, understanding all interferences, hydro lines, making sure the crane is sized right for the angle and reach it will need to achieve carrying a specific weight, is it a balanced load, are the lifting lugs that we tie into engineered and strong enough, what's the ground like below and will it remain stable and hold the aggregate weight that it will forced to carry, what will weather and especially the wind conditions be like, communication between workers on the ground and crane operator, checking to ensure all rigging equipment is in perfect shape, laying out signage, traffic control sometimes with road closures and police, safety PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and more...

All this our AIM Tradespeople did, with Mammoett Crane, to prepare "before" the actual "lift of a few minutes" of this Modular Building into the new Data Center pictured below. We do it every single time - for your company too if we get a chance to quote work for you.


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