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Dome...dome, dome, dome. Partial tank replacement

In the extraction area of this crushing/processing plant near Hamilton, Ontario, safety and planning are paramount - as always. However, dealing with an explosive gas such as Hexane, being situated next to a jet-fuel storage plant, and working on reclaimed land (lending an earthquake factor to any vertical structure); all leads to a much high risk-assessment before works take place.

For years AIM Industrial Multi-Trade has been given the task of taking care of the large DTDC tank (Desolventizer/Toaster/Dryer/Cooler) standing 17ft diameter x 65ft tall just in font of secured Port Entry.

In May-June of 2019, AIM performed the largest task to-date: providing all trades including crane, insulation, steam connections & scaffolding rentals to replace the entire two top sections of the dome tank, replacing the shaft, which, all meant removing/replacing a great deal of components such as conveyors, radial bearings, sweep arms, ducting, etc...

In the end, everything worked as planned, everyone went home safe and sound and, another customer was made very happy by the talented AIM Industrial Team! Great job well done to all involved!!

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