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Congratulations on a State-of-the Art, One-of-a-Kind, Food Processing Plant!

Founded in 2012 by five MBA students from Canada's McGill University, AIM Industrial was honored to be chosen as one of this Food Customer's multi-trade industrial contractors for their new state-of-the-art plant in Southern-Ontario, Canada.

The photos below show AIM's first project of design-procuring-building and installing an automated vinegar-water, blending and dispensing drinking system for the livestock our customer handles. With our supply of over 200ft of pipe, 4 tanks, manual and actuated valves and a dosing system that is designed for the stabilization of incredibly tight pH levels, this entire system is tied into their PLC allowing it to operate efficiently and consistently within their required levels to, at maximum levels, house four billion units of livestock on any given day, producing 13 million kilograms of product per year.

The success of this project led to AIM assisting with numerous subsequent projects including freezer installation, design-build-install conveyor automation processes, and other various types of Mechanical and Electrical systems.


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