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Design, Procure, Fabricate, Assemble-Delivery of Weld-Water Cooling System to Toyota in the States

In late 2019 AIM Industrial Inc was contracted to provide a turn key weld water cooling system to Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Alabama, U.S.A. We successfully designed, fabricated, tested, and delivered a fully functioning pre-packaged weld water cooling system in our Cherry Blossom, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada location and delivered the system to Toyota within their specified delivery window.

The system consists of a pre-engineered building with sump system and internal stainless holding tank, 3 main pumps and one recirculation pump, cooling tower (and cooling tower structural steel), and integrated controls and automation. It is capable of 1600 gallons per minute servicing 340 robots in the Toyota weld shop and maintaining operating temperatures within 8 degrees. The system operated with a dual cell cross flow cooling tower, and the reservoir was a 12,000 gallon stainless tank with a side stream filtration system.The building portion, once totally enclosed was shipped in one piece measuring 52’ long by 14’-8” wide and delivered to site. On April 20, 2020, amid the Covid19 era, the structural steel and cooling tower portions were shipped across the border to Alabama.

The project was both highly technical and required fast turn around. The project was a success, and highlighted the cooperation and capabilities of our new manufacturing space and fabrication, piping, electrical, and M&R (Millwright&Rigging) groups, as well as the strength of our industry partners.

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