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Heavy-duty Fabrication for the Cement Industry - Part 1

While a partitioned section of the AIM Industrial Fabrication Shop has been busy with food-grade-stainless steel work, the majority of the shop has been very active with heavy-plate and structural steel fabrication.

Shown in the pictures below, is the start-to-finish creation of a cement clinker-reclaim vessel for the Kiln area of the plant. Clinker is the product formed when an aggregate of raw material is heated and fused together in the rotary kiln at temperatures near 1,450 Celsius.

Built with a combination of CDP4666 wear-plate and 10mm (close to 3/8") plate, it included over 4,000 inches of welding. Rolled steel including thick steel plate were all part of the puzzle that AIM fabricators put together in the AIM Industrial Shop.

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