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Replacement & Upgrades - Roof Top Weld Cell Exhaust System

Recently AIM Industrial was at one of their long-standing Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Ontario locations performing a roof-top replacement and upgrade of the customer's Weld Cell Exhaust System.

Though the fan weighed only 4,000 lbs., the fact that it was to go to the center of a very large manufacturing building, meant a 300Ton capacity crane was required to reach the location 225ft in location. With 210ft of boom, 70feet of jib + the building height, the AIM Industrial Sheet Metal Rigging Team, with the right crane, made the job easy and cost-efficient. The right tools = the right results!

Coupled with the rigging - was the AIM Industrial Electrical Team moving of the Vfd and extending 600v feed for the roof top fan to the new location.


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