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500Ton Crane Does The Job For The Roof-Top Unit Installation Finishing a Major Food Mfg. Plant Addition.

On a peaceful and sunny June Saturday morning in South-Western, Ontario - AIM Industrial was busy putting the final touches on the roof top of a major international Food Manufacturing plant.

With a 500Ton Crane fitted up with full counter-weights, AIM's Sheet Metal rigging crews rigged, hoisted, and installed a large Engineered Air roof top unit (RTU).

This came as a complete (including millwrights, electricians, mechanical), system and was also supplied and installed by AIM.

Scope of work: supply specific items & install all: desiccant wheel, natural gas system, air system - AIM fabrication & installation of all associated sheet metal ducting, transitions, diffusers, dampers, support steel, HVAC balancing, insulation, pumps, refrigeration, domestics hot and cold water piping, glycol piping, steam piping, chilled water - all piping was prefabricated (spools and lengths) in the AIM Industrial fabrication shop, and more.

Check out the video and photos below!


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