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Fun on the Golf Course in the Middle of a Crazy-Busy Year!

Though it started out with rain and fierce winds, this past Friday's AIM Industrial Golf Tournament at Rebel Creek, was a great time to catch up with coworkers and customers outside the workplace.

From ace-golfers to weekend hacks, to some who's first round of golf ever was this tournament, no one got hit by a ball this year, no team ended up 20 under par, and no one wanted to claim the prize for the most honest team either! Funny how that works though some claim to have used the same orange golf ball for the entire round;)

It was loads of fun! Thanks to the AIM owners for providing this stress-free day. Thank you also to the staff at Rebel Creek making the rounds with water and non-alcoholic beer and then serving a delicious rib buffet.

The T-shots we had on the last hole will surely bring us back next year!


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