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Emerging and Renewable Energy Resources Built and Installed by AIM Industrial

In today’s world there is an ever-increasing desire to discover and create new ways of energy sources. From wind power to harnessing the sun’s energy via solar panels farms or photovoltaic cells, to new hydrogen sources or bio-resins, from recycling to biomass and more, AIM Industrial has a vast experience level to assist your company’s needs with all our in house trades you’ve seen on our website.

AIM Industrial is able to help with your design, procurement, all Multi-Trades we offer on our website, - and even the required including reviewing your facility ventilation and power capabilities.

We incorporate a highly reputable network of professional engineers, design teams, and suppliers to ensure what AIM Industrial delivers to our customers, meets or exceeds the desired end-product for safety, efficiency and cost. For years, AIM Industrial has been working in conjunction with General Contractors and Customers to provide all of these services.

Installing final product to them be tied into facility services by AIM

Retrofitting and converting a sea-can for bio-energy

Yet another Solar Farm installed by AIM

Determining if the current power sources can handle the addition!

Final checks on services.

Almost an assembly line of Modular Buildings inside AIM's Fab Shop!

Some are converted sea-cans - some are fabricated structures

- all done in the AIM Shop

Installation underway in the U.S.

Pre-assembled at and by the AIM Team and ready to go!


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