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Food Plant Bulk Oil Tank Farm Relocation from Toronto to Brantford

In 2021, AIM Industrial was awarded a multi-trade, multi-phased, Tank Farm Relocation Project: Relocating four (4) large tanks from Toronto to Brantford and also Installing two (2) new tanks at the same destination.

Managing a project like this demands a very high-level of planning and communication. Large cranes, the Police/OPP, trucks/escorts, numerous permits and safety are all paramount to making the project a success for all. And, for the customer, who maintains the still active plant in Toronto, it means performing the work in a manner that has minimal impact of ongoing production & manufacturing.

The following is a description of the Scope of Work:


Electrically disconnect/make safe for transport four bulk oil tanks at Toronto location.

Wiring for sensors/lighting to be removed and made safe.

Power feeds to be completed in teck cable.

Bonding wire to connect each of 6 tanks to building steel grounding.

Millwrighting and Rigging: Toronto work

Disconnect access platforms on the tanks, and the stair tower.

Transport all steel structures, and tanks to Brantford.

Supply/install steel handrails & kickplate to re work platforms on two remaining tanks.

Supply/Install a ladder section to allow access to the 3rd. Level platform.


Supply, and set anchors for tanks, and structures pertaining to the tank farm.

Receive tanks, and stage outside on temporary saddles.

Design/fabricate pipe structure, cross-over stair, ladder, platforms for the new tanks.

Erect associated steel structures, as well as existing structures from Toronto.

Hoist tanks from storage on to trailers, and transport in to location.

Hoist Tank on to new housekeeping pads, Level, and anchor.

Piping: Toronto & Brantford

Disconnect all associated piping to tanks being relocated.

Blank off all flanged opening on tanks being relocated.

Demo all required piping associated with tanks being relocated.

Support/adjust piping that will stay in service on tanks staying in Toronto.

Spray insulate the bottom dishes of 5 tanks.


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