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HVAC-R and Sheet Metal Tune-ups for our Customers

AIM Industrial has been performing expert HVAC-R repairs and installations for many years. Coupled with our Sheet Metal Group, our HVAC Group is more that capable of providing complete service for your company's needs.

The following Repair Report and pictures completed for our one customer in the Toronto area, addressed in detail, the status of their system and how, after PMs and repairs were made by AIM Industrial, the customer can now move confidently forward with operations knowing ventilation is more stable and efficient..

Please find the attached photos after repairs were completed.

Vent extended away from fresh air Inlet

Oa actuator changed

Sa actuator changed

Burner and flame rod cleaned

Oa damper auxiliary switch replaced

New air proving switch for high speed fan and new alum tubing.

Belts replaced and bearings greased on MUA and exhaust fans for interlock

Tested operation of unit and completed a leak check from down stream of the regulator up until burner, tag left in unit to indicate

Flame signal 15.8 VDC and steady

Confirmed interlock kills burner if exhaust fan #65 is lost.

High speed fan is run off of exhaust fan #66, tested new air proving switch and high speed operation

Discharge Air setting set at 75 with 84 degrees in blower cabinet, unit operating as per normal at time of service. Also combustion analysis done and left In unit on site.

Check out our website and give us a call if your plant needs a tune up or analysis of your current systems.


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