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Installation and Commissioning of New Food Plant Process Lines and Equipment in the Toronto Area.

AIM Industrial is doing our part in helping the world eat healthy foods. One year ago AIM was awarded the assembly and installation of all stainless steel, machinery, miscellaneous metals, mezzanines, etc...and all meticulously welded by our highly talented crew - for a brand new salad plant just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The salad kits created by our customer, come in many different flavors and styles and can be found in most all of the major grocery stores across North America. They are absolutely delicious and so easy to assemble. The entire scope was working with food-grade stainless steel. Even the mezzanines and support steel, all of stainless, were welded together on site by our CWB Certified, AIM Tradespeople – clean and uniform, just the way they need to always be.

With an average of 14 tradespeople on site per day over this last year, today, April 5, 2022 we are close to wrapping it up before final commissioning.

Good work AIM Team and thanks to an absolutely terrific customer!

Mezzanine and equipment welded and installed by AIM

Ensuring the mechanics of the equipment are spot-on!

Even engineered conveyors sometimes need modification - done here by the AIM Team

Testing the wet product run.

Some really good TIG Welding done by AIM's CWB Welders - sheets metal and adjustable legs

Mezzanines assembled and TIG Welded by our AIM guys

Running the spinach into the AIM installed dryer lines.

After the beginning things always start getting tighter for access.

The start of the line with raw material dumpers

Two sizes of dryer lines installed by AIM.

Did we say pretty good welding??


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