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Portable and Modular Weld-Water Cooling System Supplied & Now Installed at Toyota in Alabama

A few months back we posted about the Design, Procurement, Fabrication & Assembly of this Cooling System for Toyota Mazda. It was the third one AIM had done in the past eight months. All performed and completed internally in the fabrication shop at AIM Industrial at 29 Cherry Blossom Road in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada - AIM Industrial then took care of getting it shipped down to the States. The project was turn-key involving all of AIM Industrial Multi-Trades from: Fabrication, Millwrighting, Craning/Rigging, Electrical, Mechanical and of course, all sorts of Stainless Steel Piping.

Included here is a picture of the 12ft x 60ft enclosed Pipe Skid in its home at Toyota in Alabama, U.S.A. This system can be retrofitted and relocated as needed. While this one is for an Automotive plant, AIM can build on a custom basis to fit many different needs and industries.

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