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Replace Entryway Walkway to make Employee Access Safer and More Efficient

It doesn't have to be extravagant and requiring multiple and mammoth cranes with a huge workforce to make an Customer's important project a major undertaking. Working with pedestrians structure and 24/7 production requirements in where our AIM Industrial Team excels in planning, communication and execution!

The following was a nice little project AIM recently performed just the other side of Brantford, Ontario, Canada for one of our highly valued customers!

Detailed SOW (Scope of Work):

Install & Rigging

  • Supply (designed and build in AIM Fabrication Shop) new catwalk to replace existing keeping the same design

  • Cut existing catwalk to be craned and removed.

  • Crane in new Catwalk and tie into existing structure.

  • Move existing catwalk to designed location by customer.


  • Call for Locates – Ontario OneCall and Private Utilities

  • Excavate around damaged pier 24" below grade to solid concrete

  • Epoxy grout 4 vertical 10mm bars into pier

  • Bend 4 horizontal 10mm bars around and tie to vertical bars

  • Form and pour pier with 32mpa concrete with air entrainment.

  • Backfill around pier with stone


  • Supply, erect, and dismantle a stair access to provide employees access during the closure of the bridge for catwalk replacement. The stair access will be approximately sixteen feet high.

  • Scaffolding will be built on the underside of the catwalk to be able to access bottom of catwalk safely. This includes a 4'x5' x 12' high deck.

Asbestos removal.

  • Removal of asbestos panels on the outer side of the existing catwalk.

  • Remove lead paint.

Catwalk removal.

  • Remove catwalk from site and dispose

Gas Line

  • AIM to remove and reinstall gas line running through existing catwalk


  • AIM to install 3 interior lights and one outdoor entry light for catwalk.

  • AIM to provide (1) empty conduit for future temporary trailer hook ups.

Existing Walkway ready to be removed and replace with new AIM Fabricated Catwalk!

Ready for cladding in the AIM Industrial 60,000sqft Fab Shop

Overhead photo of Catwalk span

Doesn't have to be complicated to look really good when done by really good people!

4-bolts holes precisely where they need to be on both sides.

Structural is all done!

Cladding is all complete in the AIM Shop

Stairs are in both places and getting the final painting in the AIM Shop!


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