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Responding to a customer's afterhours breakdown:

Last week...with one of AIM Industrial's customers:

AIM received a call last Tuesday at 6pm saying a hanger bearing had broken on a conveyor (similar to the one pictured here), and the line thus production was stopped. The Conveyor Consultant was arriving for 8pm that night. Two tradespeople were required - one being a welder to weld a C-channel to the conveyor.

Responding to a customer's afterhours breakdown:

-have the phone on to receive the call

-if message is left, respond and acknowledge immediately to calm their anxiety

-give a time frame to get back to them while you facilitate arrangements with your Team

-call back in the given time even if not complete

-Communicate and trust your Team but don't micro-manage

-when arrangements are complete, have someone call customer with action plan and timing

-be available to take calls or check messages while work is being done. You were first contact so they may call you back

-follow up after work is done.

-thank them for calling you with the opportunity

Response and Action. Those often make or break a good relationship in many industries - especially in Manufacturing where downtime can be extremely costly.

AIM had the tradespeople there for 8pm. Repairs were completed with quality and expertise by mid-night.

All this = one happy customer!


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