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Structural Steel, Stairs and Catwalks for a Deep Plunging Dry Well

AIM Industrial was recently awarded, through competitive bidding, the task of fabricating and installing a series of galvanized stairs, walkways, railings and support steel in a complicated, newly excavated underground forty-seven (47) foot dry well for a brand new sanitary pumping station. AIM's Iron Workers have had a busy month!

Complicated due to the fact that, though the drawings show the well being round, when AIM Industrial reviewed the job, it was determined that it was not round and true, thus adding a difficult turn to the fabrication and installation. The experience and expertise AIM Industrial's tradespeople have accumulated, has helped countless times in the upfront engineering and design of many projects saving greater costs that would be associated with on-site, multi-people modifications are needed.

The pictures and videos here show the excellent flow our iron workers put into the installation of all the associated steel. The fabrication of all the parts in AIM Industrial's Fabrication Shop was bang-on for fitting and mounting.

If your company has any Steel work coming up, let us know and we would be more than happy to provide a quotation for your project!


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