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New 60,000 sq.ft. Fabrication Shop

We are proud to announce that completing our third expansion in twelve years since 2008, comes with the opening of our brand new 60,000 sq.ft. Fabrication Shop, Tool Crib and Up-to-date Professional Machine Shop.

This almost triples the size that we came from and are now prepared more that ever to assist our customers with steel (carbon and stainless) fabricating: miscellaneous metals, mezzanines, beams, bins, prototypes, machine repairs etc...

Our Fabrication Shop comes complete with a large paint booth and four full-length crane bays allowing drive-in accessibility for easy off-loading/loading for our truck drivers. AIM Industrial managed the construction and self-performed all the equipment and facility services installation including the install of the four over-head cranes which, we have done for our customers as well.

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