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300ft. Long Slat Conveyor: Designed, Fabricating & to be Installed For Moving Cars

A picture says a thousand words they say. A video says even more! While AIM Industrial fabricates and installs conveyors for the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries along with Packaging, Consumer Products and Chemical Manufacturing plants - it's these heavy-duty conveyors for the Tier 1 Automotive plants that really get the attention because of their shear size.

Part 1: The conveyor in the video and the pictures is what is currently in our awesome Fab shop. Broken up in to section, the total length will be 300ft with a return length of 600ft. Cars will be driven onto this conveyor and moved through the plant.

This is being done in conjunction with our customer and engineering company. AIM Industrial trades included are: Fabrication, Millwright & Rigging, Electrical and Piping. AIM was also responsible for having the Conveyor Pit modified to adapt to the new conveyor design.

This is what we do here at AIM and we are always looking for good workers - be it in the shop, office or field. Visit our Website Careers Page and drop off your application www.aimindustri


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