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AIM Industrial Modular Building / Sea Can Projects

Below are 25 pictures showing a variety of Modular Building / Sea Can Projects AIM Industrial has performed, fabricated and Installed over the past few years.

Combined with our Core Trades: Millwrighting, Rigging, Electrical, Piping/Refrigeration/Mechanical/Sheet Metal, HVAC Install & Service Contracts, Fabrication & CNC Machining, AIM Industrial has the skills and experience to design and fabricate modular plants to meet your specific standards and preferences, including preferred suppliers, providing a customized plant with components that are familiar to your operators and maintenance personnel. Applying our expertise to scale-appropriate solutions for pilot plants and demonstration plants reduces your project cost and schedule and promotes reliable operation, easier maintenance, and versatility of your modular system.

Our industry-leading experience and capabilities range from single module turnkey laboratory scale systems to multi-modular small commercial plants. For large multi-modular plant projects, in North America, AIM Industrial can supply skid system modules to suit your dimensional requirements.

In 2020 AIM fabricated and shipped three units for Plug & Play installation: one 40ft x 12ft, two 20ft x12ft, to Alabama, U.S.A. These projects were both highly technical and required fast turnaround. The projects were a huge success, and highlighted the cooperation and capabilities of AIM Industrial’s Manufacturing space and Fabrication, Piping, Electrical, and M&R (Millwright & Rigging) groups, as well as the strength of our industry partners. Our Modular Design and Fabrication capabilities have also produced Modular and Portable Laboratories complete with fully human-occupied ventilation systems.

Our client industries include, but are not limited to: Aggregate and Cement, Automotive, City water treatment plants, Commercial/Residential builds, and R&D Prototype Projects. These are also easily suitable for Food & Beverage and Chemical plants, among others.

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