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AIM Industrial's Ever Expanding Fabrication Shop

They say, "build it and they will come!" In 2018, we moved to our new location at 29 Cherry Blossom Road in Cambridge, Ontario, complete with a brand new Steel Fabrication Shop five times the size of our former, and did they ever come with requests and purchase orders for fabrication. Even throughout these Covid times, AIM's shop has not slowed down and in fact, has just gone through it's second upgrade since 2018.

Included in our in-house machinery is a new: Plasma-cutting table, Sheer, Break Press, and Sheet Steel Roller for bending. Whether it's: Sheet Metal, Structural Steel, Custom Piping, Miscellaneous Metals, Safety Guarding, Modular Buildings and, whether it's Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, AR Steel or others - our Fab Team's abilities keep on growing and are here to help.

If you have a project you would like quoted, give a call to: Craig Dubecki, 519-747-2255 x236.


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