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Demand For Modular Plant Fabrication Is Growing and AIM Industrial Has The Expertise and Experience!

AIM Industrial is a Multi-Trade Industrial Contractor supported by our own Custom Steel & Sheet Metal Fabrication Groups both with decades of experience making a wide variety of equipment. The Cambridge, Ontario based company has made everything from Robot Bases to Complex Platforms and Mezzanines to Conveyor Systems, Ventilation Systems and precise Plasma-Cut Steel Panels . However, there is growing popularity in a specific type of product AIM Industrial offers: Modular Plants.

“In recent years, we have seen an increase in the demand for modular plant fabrication, and have developed a particular expertise in these projects,” explains Chuck Asmussen, Partner at AIM Industrial.

There are many benefits offered by modular plants that help explain why many plant operators are choosing modular solutions:

Small footprint: Plant modules can enable piping, tanks, electrical and other equipment to be fit in a smaller footprint by layering them.

Portability: Plant modules are much easier to transport than conventional process systems because they are self-contained.

Convenient connections: Skid-mounted equipment and plant modules can be designed with all of the process connections located in one spot. This simplifies the connection process when compared to traditional systems where connections are located throughout the plant.

No disruption to existing operations: Because the plant modules are built offsite, existing operations are not affected. The offsite construction also ensures controlled assembly.

Equipment accessibility: Plant modules can be designed with the major pieces of equipment located around the edge of the module with ladders, platforms and center hallways for easy access.

FAT testing: Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) can be performed prior to shipping and installation, reducing the time needed for on-site start-up.

Mobility: Plant modules can be easily relocated within the Main Plant requiring a much less-expensive endeavor than a brand new plant addition.

Expansion: Modular plants can easily be expanded upon without any costly building modification being required.

Company expertise

AIM Industrial offers extensive experience in Installation and Fabrication of skid-mounted equipment and modular plants. We have successfully designed, fabricated, tested, and delivered numerous fully functioning pre-packaged weld water cooling system in our Cherry Blossom, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada facility that can be shipped anywhere in the world. Also on a smaller platform, AIM has extensive experience retrofitting Sea Cans for Modular Process Systems. We are always here to help.


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