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Downtown Toronto High-Rise Rigging and Installation of Large Transformer

Recently AIM Industrial's Rigging and Installation Team was awarded, by one of our highly valued General Contractor partners, yet another high-profile Transformer installation - on Bay Street, close to the heart of Toronto, Ontario.

The pictures below reflect our team's planning and communication that was required to limit traffic and business disruption to a bare minimum with the crane and trucking that was involved.

As with any gantry and crane project of this nature, a clear and concise, yet detailed rigging plan is required to ensure all are on the same page. Safety is paramount, especially in a highly busy pedestrian location. Traffic control is coordinated with the City and the Police to keep everything organized.

Our teams have shown over and over their professional and efficient management of craning projects like this in big cities, including extremely tight crane installations near The Esplanade in Toronto.

Thank you to our customer and thank you to our working partners in making this another safe and successful project completed!


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