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Enjoying a Bit of Normalicy With a Company Golf Tournament

Friday, August 20, 2021, the AIM Industrial company team enjoyed feeling a bit more normal for at least five hours with our AIM Industrial's Annual Golf Tournament. In these Covid times, it's obviously been difficult, if not impossible, to do this. When Covid hit, our tournament, along with everyone else's had to be cancelled.

Even now, all precautions mandated, and just common-sense during virus-times, are being adhered to - but we can still have fun!! And we did!

Held at the distinguished, Rebel Creek Golf & Country Club (thank you again for being such a great repeat Host) in Petersburgh, just west of Kitchener - trades"people" who had been working 12hr shifts, 6-7 days/wk for months helping manufacturing plants continue running, office staff, and all involved in our company operations, sweated in 34 degree Celsius - zero-breeze, sunshiny weather with no complaints except where's the "water" cart ;-)??

Thank you to our terrific owners for such a great time! And the group that shot -10, I still want to see your score card - the real one this time!!

Guys...let's tee-off now and scare the bejeezus out of those guys...says an Owner.

Controlled anxiety before hitting your first ball.

Contractors make so little money they have to drive old cars from the 1960's

What? You mean I hit my ball into that tall grass over there??? Says an Owner.

There is no way I would lose my ball in that tall grass! Says an Owner. Haha!!

Even with the forth member, "We still can't find your ball, Boss!"

My "Gorfing" team buddies. Electricity was running high with these two Sparkies!

Jan & Dean? The Hanson Brothers? Great smiles and good times all around for sure!

The Par 5, 18th Hole. We came, we saw, we conquered! God, I'm happy we don't have to walk anymore. Where's our cart?? Come get us! We need water!!!


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