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Fire Prevention - Looking for Hot Spots: Electrical and Mechanical

It's the unseen that sometimes is the most dangerous. Anytime you have electrical current, or movement of components, especially at high speed, there is the concern of heat build-up. It may a shaft rotating between two bearings that can cause friction with the potential of a fire being started. It may be an enclosed transformer feed for a critical computer system, assembly line or even your company's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that your employees are so reliable on for working in comfort. The wires, the components, everything used to create that energy, are all hidden behind/within steel cabinets. The unknown - the unseen. Is it all safe from heat build-up and potential fire.

Seen in these pictures, AIM Industrial provides a Thermal Infra-Red Scanning service where, using an Infra-red scanner, we do a before and after scan of the area of concern. Our Technician then generates a report showing the heat within. Using a 3-level grading system, we report to the customer what risk level the area is at and whether immediate action should take place.

It's an easy, yet usually ignored preventative process, that can save millions of dollars, prevent massive shutdowns and most of all, keep everyone safe.

If you are interested in discussing this, e-mail myself, Craig Dubecki at or, Damon Johnstone, AIM Master Electrician at


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