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Multi-Trade Services for Water-Related Projects

AIM Industrial does a lot of work in and around water. Whether it's a new or expanded Municipal Water Treatment plant, or a major traffic waterway such as the St. Lawrence Seaway in Welland, Ontario, everybody - all contractors and people involved with working close to water, must have a keen sense of focus and concentration for safety and surroundings.

Jobs like these, in these large and busy environments, come with heavy-duty equipment to move things, to crane things - heavy things, into place.

In the Welland Canal the two 45ft x 90ft high doors that hold the water back from one lock to another, weight 500,000 ton each. Yes, heavy equipment is needed.

The pictures below of our work at a Water Treatment plant in Toronto depict the many things going on over vast areas and with large machinery. The Miscellaneous Metals - handrail, stairs, guarding, that AIM has fabricated and is now installing, is an integral part of maintaining a safe working environment for all especially the general public post-project. A Project Manager's job is to have a good overall view of the scope and work area, and ensure communication and coordination of not only the scope of work, but also working with our customer in arranging for the tools and equipment to be in strategic areas to make is easy, efficient and safe for the crews to work from.

AIM Industrial has a long history of providing multi-trade services for all industries including working around water. We're proud of the reputation we've build and the trust and loyalty we have received from our amazing customers.


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