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Prep Work #3:

Continuing further on with Prep Work discussions, this single picture of our AIM Riggers craning part of a DTDC (Desolventizer Toaster Dryer Cooler) shows what appears to be a simple crane lift. Yes, it is simple only by "seeing" and "preparing" for all the surrounding concerns - not just horizontally, but in a truly global 360% scan. Here's what we see:

-White storage tank farm all full of jet fuel

-Government Port Security at the gate that we had to block off

-Closest to the front where the handrail is, is an area that uses Hexane: a highly explosive gas

-Any overhead hydro wires

-A highly congested area for installation

-All seen, is on reclaimed land - not the Canadian Shield stability most of Ontario has, and ensuring it takes all the weight it will be forced to handle

With all these "concerns" our customer is among the safest manufacturing plants in Ontario and they trust the AIM Team 100% to do the job right - in everyway conceivable.


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