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Tank Farm Relocation Underway

Further to the previous Blog dated, February 28, 2022, in 2021, AIM Industrial was awarded a multi-trade, multi-phased, Tank Farm Relocation Project: Relocating four (4) large tanks from Toronto to Brantford and also Installing two (2) new tanks at the same destination.

These pictures taken April 2022 show the two new tanks AIM erected in place along with the AIM fabricated and installed Pipe Bridge in place. Additional platforms/miscellaneous metals that were fabricated in our AIM shop, can be seen in the foreground awaiting installation by our Team.

The additional tanks being relocated from Toronto are being prepped for removal and shipping to this site.

Our crews are working diligently and conscientiously with our customer to maintain the methodical flow and safety this, and every one of our projects commands.

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